Mission Statement

Our mission is to make industrial printing smarter, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly.

We are working like machines to make your machines work like us

DAPF TECH is a Germany based, internationally active service and consulting firm, specializing in quality assurance, standardization and process optimization in the field of industrial printing. We support offset and digital printing companies to maintain a high level of consistency and product quality throughout the everyday production.

DAPF TECH e.K. is also an OEM service provider, providing it’s expertise to several printing machine manufacturers as well as to manufacturers of color management and process control technology.

The results of our developments can be found in many products powering modern industrial packaging and commercial print production.

Export focused

DAPF TECH is heavily export oriented. Our export share in the period 2017-2019 has so far been 95%. 

We are proud to be able to carry the spirit of German quality and precision-work throughout the world.

Made in Germany, focused on export.

Export share at 95% in 2017-2019. 

We are proud to be able to carry the spirit of German quality and precision-work throughout the world.

About the founder

Daniel Pfeiffer founded DAPF TECH in 2017 and renamed the company to Reprointelligence in 2020. He is in the printing business since 1995 where he began his career with an apprenticeship as an offset printer in a medium-sized company. This was followed by professional experience in offset and flexo printing, a study for ‘Bachelor of Media Engineering Professional (DIHK)’, business administration, and printing technology. In 2004 he created caliprint.de, Europeans first online-based color management service with its own software developments. He earned further practical experience in international assignments for Koenig & Bauer as a printing- and application engineer in more than 400 deployments at internationally located industrial packaging printing companies.

He also spent 5 years working in Switzerland for the Neidhard + Schön Group as a print shop manager and as a technical and sales support representative at Koenig & Bauer (CH) AG, a subsidiary of a German press manufacturer.

Photo: Daniel Pfeiffer
Managing owner of DAPF TECH

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