Color and Quality Control Technology

Modern Color Control for Offset Printing Machines.

Focus on Quality.

Modern color measurement and control technology increases your productivity. Short makeready times, minimal waste accumulation and perfect print stability are just some of the keywords that printing machine manufacturers advertise. In addition, the automated color control allows you to use your staff more effectively.
Quality controls, production data collection, order pre- and post-processing parallel to print run, etc.

Online systems are external measuring systems which measure the printed sheets outside the machine and return the rule recommendations to the machines for color correction. In most cases, online measuring systems are able to measure in compliance with standards and propose standard-related corrections.

Inline measuring systems are installed directly in the press and record the printeds densities or even L*a*b values in-line.

Boost your productivitiy with a inline-retrofit solution for accurate color-measurement and control

Printing to CIELab and / or density values is only half the way to perfect copy consistency. Any fluctuation in the printing process has a negative effect on the print result. The measurement of solid tones is not sufficient to judge the print result. The operator must constantly inspect the printed matter and make decisions on whether and how to correct the color guide. This requires a constant perception, fast analysis and decision-making ability. Wrong or delayed corrections mean waste, time and loss of return.

Computervision in Print with System Brunner Instrument Flight®

A system that sees like we do. But controls a thousand times faster.

Typical systems for controlling the color on the printing press usually offer only the setting of the desired solid density control
The actual color appearance of the resulting print result is neither recorded nor taken into account.

System Brunner AG has developed an intelligent automation system for color control with its Instrument Flight® product. Instrument Flight® takes over the interpretation of the measurement data, whereby the print result is judged by several factors such as solid color, dot gain, overprinting and gray balance. This assessment comes close to the human visual impression. Corrections are made by Instrument Flight® according to operator-selected priorities, e.g. neutral color rendering after gray balance, executed automatically. The printer is spared to determine measures for color correction itself and to test. The patented algorithm in Instrument Flight ensures the immediate and correct balancing of process colors.

Your benefit trough integrated color-control systems

  • Short makeready
  • Less Waste
  • Constant/Consistent colors over the print run
  • Operators may have time to do other tasks in parallel
  • Ideal enhancement to every color management attempt in the pressroom