Consistent Colors for a consistent Supply Chain

We realize perfect Pressroom Color Management based on PSO, ProcessStandard Offset, GraCOL/G7 or any other targeted printing standard.

DAPF has developed and successfully applied color management methods since the 1990s. A deep understanding of printing technologies and the influx of ink, chemicals, substrates and prepress settings are the fundamental keys to succeed. DAPF supersedes regular software-based color management approaches with it’s proven ground-up methodology by far.
To maintain consistent color-output on multiple printing machines and over a long period, it is necessary to apply a Color Management System based on standards and measurements.

Our Pressroom color management services include:

Stabilization of the printing machines and the surrounding conditions (PSSO®)
Compliance with specified values and tolerances, suitable consumables and custom ICC-generation  ​​(PSOpen®)
Uniform procedure in the application of color measurement and control technology
Compliance with process requirements in further processing and further processing
Our offer:
We quickly and safely analyze your color workflow, discover possible causes of color variations and help you maintain stable color output.
​In doing so, we train your employees so that they can initiate the causes of occurring color fluctuations autonomously, quickly and precisely using corrective measures.

Learn how to achieve consistent color reproduction with your existing equipment.


Color Management Training in the Pressroom

Your benefit:

  • Perfect prerequisite for digital color management
  • Significant increase in quality in printing
  • Correct and consistant color reproduction
  • Fast “in color”
  • Optimized communication between print, prepress and design


  • Providing advanced knowledge, standards, printing conditions, characterization data, profiles, data conversion
  • Proof evaluation before print begin
  • Checking the surrounding conditions
  • See and judge colors correctly
  • Gain problem solving competence in color printing
  • Quality-assurance strategies
  • ​Correct application of color measurement devices and tools
  • Correct application of color-control options connected to your press
  • Color management in packaging
  • Spot-Color-Management
  • Graybalance / Gray balanced printing


Learn how DAPF may improve your color experience in your print shop: