System Brunner AG

High-end print process control systems and pressroom color management

PPP International

Advanced inline-finishing solutions

Lithec GmbH

Reliable color measurement and color control systems made in Germany

Securifix GmbH

Low-budged, high-performance forklift-management systems made in Germany

Hanns Eggen GmbH & Co. KG

Through our cooperation, we expand our portfolio and services with professional products in the field of process control, color control on printing machines and general quality assurance.

Through our OEM service, we offer manufacturers of printing presses and peripheral equipment the opportunity to supplement their services selectively or temporarily with our highly specialized know-how.


Among others, we cooperate with the following companies as OEM partners:

System Brunner AG

System Brunner is a manufacturer of systems for printing process control. System Brunner’s products make it easier for users to produce printed matter in gray-balanced, consistent quality using state-of-the-art evaluation methods, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
We are a worldwide service provider for the provision of operator training for new installations of the InstrumentFlight®, PSO-Match, and G7®-Match system series. In addition to commissioning and training, we define in-house standards together with the users for special requirements in packaging printing and for highly economical commercial printing. We ensure that the user benefits greatly from the investment and always achieves the quality required by the print buyer according to standards such as PSO, ISO 12647 and Idealliance G7®.
On behalf of System Brunner, we also train printing instructors from various press manufacturers for the North American market in pressroom color management and system operation.

Lithec GmbH

Lithec is a manufacturer of printing peripherals in the field of color measurement and control technology as well as quality assurance. We cooperate in customer consulting, especially in the field of sheet inspection in pharmaceutical printing and retrofitting for the performance enhancement of existing printing presses.

PPP International Ltd.

Together with PPP International Ltd., we develop inline finishing systems that allow partial die-cutting, deep embossing, and high-quality surface effects to be realized inline on offset printing presses. By using our inline embossing, in some cases, complete downstream processing steps such as embossing on separate die-cutting machines can be waived. Particularly in the area of chocolate shop packaging, paper repackaging, and cigarette packaging, we have succeeded in drastically reducing the manufacturing costs of some finished print products.
PPP International Ltd. is a worldwide pioneer in high-quality inline finishing, whose product developments have often been imitated by manufacturers of punching and embossing tools.


Hanns Eggen GmbH & Co. KG is a German-based manufacturer of chemicals and consumables for the printing industry. In its own laboratories, Eggen develops products such as dampening solution additives for offset printing, printing coatings and cleaning agents. More importantly, Eggen products are often superior to products from other manufacturers in terms of quality and functionality. In particular, dampening solution additives are optimized by Eggen for optimum functionality for the respective area of application. This means that the products meet the highest requirements for demanding printed matter. Eggen dampening solution additives allow fast inking up and stable production with reduced dosage compared to other products. DAPF TECH works very closely with Eggen. When it comes to helping our customers achieve the best possible performance in printing, we always find an even better solution with Eggen.

Securifix GmbH

As a partner of Securifix GmbH, an established European manufacturer of forklift call systems, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services to optimize the flow of materials and goods for companies of all sizes. DAPF TECH e.K. is the first company of its kind to offer a specialized concept for material flow and storage optimization for large printers. With the help of our products, companies are able to realize smooth just-in-time production with significantly shortened material provision times and efficient internal goods transport. Our solutions make it possible to reduce the number of forklifts and other industrial trucks, thus saving costs and minimizing the risk of accidents.


We are open for further cooperations

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