Welcome to DAPF’s Press Troubleshooting Guide

Welcome to DAPF TECH’s Press Troubleshooting Guide. 
This is a series of articles about common printing problems and how to solve them.

Offset Troubleshooting

Listing of related Articles:

  1. Ink Drying Issues
  2. Coating Leaking
  3. Linting
  4. Framing
  5. Ink Misting
  6. Streaking
  7. Scumming
  8. Glossy Coating finishes matte
  9. Inconsistent Ink-Film-Transfer (Not holding Color)
  10. Slow Color Controls
  11. Scumming
  12. Doubling
  13. Register Variation
  14. Front-to-Back Color Mismatch
  15. Chrome Roller Picks up Ink
  16. Pile Blocking




Digital Troubleshooting

Listing of related Articles:


  1.  Ink repelling from Substrate
  2.  Color Banding
  3. Area Banding
  4. Streaking
  5. Ink powdering off from substrate
  6. Un-sharp printing
  7.  Color Fading
  8. Ink not drying
  9. Printing heads clocked after press offtime
  10. Best practice for digital printing press setups

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