Prints like the Proof

PSOpen®- Fast and Precise Color Matching on any Printing Press

PSSO is DAPF’s premier service, enabling digital and conventional printers to match brand and proof colors in an instant.

  • Print according to widely accepted standards like ISO 12647-2 
  • Improves your marketing strength and sales propositions

  • Print consistently

  • Speeds up your makeready
  • Makes color matching quick and easy
  • Makes you confident in delivering the expected colors by your customer
  • Reveals economical and technical optimization potential
  • Brings manageable transparency to your production
  • Helps to pinpoint causes of issues easy  
  • Reduces production waste and energy


Today’s printers have multiple presses or a mix of analog and digital printing systems. Often small print runs are produced digitally, but later large runs should be printed on conventional presses for economic reasons. The color appearance should correspond to that of the digital preliminary edition. Many print shops are confronted with this practical challenge. Color deviations between digital and analog prints can require a long color matching process or even manual intervention in the print data if there is no standardized color management concept for all printing systems. Experience has shown that simply calibrating presses and profiling proof printers is not enough.

PSOpen solves this problem and helps to achieve color reliability, speed, and efficiency.

What a consistent PSOpen-Implementation means for you: 

PSOpen is our unique standardization concept, which includes all suitable color printing systems within a print shop in the optimization process. PSOpen enables the printer to select the best printing system according to qualitative or economic aspects, depending on the current job structure. To successfully put this project into practice, it is necessary to understand all printing systems and their possibilities and to adjust the color management process accordingly. DAPF TECH has the necessary know-how and the practical routine to accompany you quickly and reliably to standardized color output on all printing systems. The PSOpen standardization concept provides for handling the technical parameters as well as transferring the necessary know-how to your employees so that they can maintain the condition in the long term and without external support.

The color characteristic of international standards is chosen as the target for color matching. These can be standards-based on ISO 12647-2 such as GRACoL or PSO. If necessary, in-house color standards can also be defined as output targets.

We got the know how

DAPF TECH is providing advanced color output stabilization services since 2006 for digital and conventional printing environments.

Much more than just calibrating and profiling.

We work very closely with manufacturers of printing presses, consumables and measurement and control technology and understand the printing processes at their core. That’s why we are able to provide functional, robust industrial colour management. In this context, we even consider the optimal operation of the printing press.
Continuous training of our employees and independent tests form the basis for this excellent service.

Secured investment.
We try to pass on the associated know-how to your employees during the measure.
Without further external consulting, your employees will then be able to maintain this optimized condition in the long term and your investment is secured.


Scope of DAPF’s PSOpen service:

  1. Technical analysis and adaptation of the color management of the printing processes involved.
  2. Measurement technology check and setting correction 
  3. Checking and consulting of Prepress (including CTP), Pressroom for correct and optimized settings and press utilization
  4. Recording of the processes know-how transfer to your employees
  5. Issue a certificate of conformity in accordance with the requirements of the PSO or any desired official printing standard

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