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PSSO® Printing System Stabili­zation & Optimization

High start-up waste and color fluctuations within the print run as well as time and quality losses due to frequent press stops have a massive impact on the efficiency of the print shop.
With our team, consisting of experienced printing instructors, production printers and process experts, we quickly find the causes for fluctuations in the performance of your printing presses. We cover a wide range of machines from various well-known manufacturers. If necessary, we are supported by our international business partners in the field of consumables and printing inks with know-how and material samples to create the best possible situation for your printing environment.

PSSO forms the perfect basis for stable machine operation, consistent print quality, and high availability. Thus PSSO helps to ensure the efficient, industrial use of your printing machines. Time and costs required by frequent re-calibrations and curve adaptations by prepress can be almost eliminated after successful PSSO, as these only occur to compensate for machine wear or when adapting to different production standards.
PSSO can be booked as one-time support or as regular support. You are free to engage us directly or – as an OEM measure – to obtain our service directly from your printing press manufacturer with additional benefits.

PSSO includes the following measures:

  1. Current status documentation (efficiency)
  2. General Troubleshooting + definition of measures
  3. Supervision of the implementation of measures
  4. Benchmark testing of the printing performance


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