Did you know, more than 80% of printing process-related questions, as well as troubleshooting cases, can be handled remotely?

DAPF TECH is proud to announce our first 100 successfully finished remote service case using our recently created service, Remote Companion. We received great responses from customers tried out our pilot-phase. From today on, Remote Companion will be part of our standard support options. 

Remote Companion is our remote help- and support desk related to process and quality assurance topics in the field of offset and digital printing. Remote Companion allows print service providers to get quick help when it comes to solving unexpected issues in print production. We provide our expertise and knowledge so you get back into production quickly and straight forward.

If it turns out that a case may not be fixed remotely, enough information about the case will be gathered so the team scheduled for the on-site support is prepared much better and helps to solve issues more efficiently.

Quick, competent and environmentally friendly. DAPF is your Remote Companion.

Offset, digital, and finishing. We get you back in production.


How does Remote Companion work?

  1. Customer contacts us with the issue description
  2. DAPF is classifying the problem, possible causes, and proposals for efficient trouble-shooting. If necessary we get virtually “on-site” by using available communication tools like video chat, image evaluation, or augmented reality support by Teamviewer Pilot
  3. Remotely assisted troubleshooting


Unified and transparent pricing structure:


  • First hour of service EUR 59,00
  • Each following hour EUR 69,00
  • Optional on request:Follow-up-report in written form EUR 100,00

Only effective support times will be charged. Following hours charged with the beginning of each hour.



Q: Who can use Remote Companion?
A: Every print provider using offset or digital printing machinery and prepress equipment

Q: How can we access Remote Companion
A: Send your request to support@dapf.tech or give us a call.

Q: What are the benefits of Remote Companion?
A: Service right away.
No travel organization, flights, rental cars, hotels etc. 


DAPF TECH is an internationally active company based in Germany with a focus on industrial printing process optimization, quality assurance and reduction of environmentally harmful influences from the printing process. Our customers come from the food and pharmaceutical packaging, security printing and demanding commercial printing sectors. We also provide our expertise as an OEM supplier. We work closely with a number of well-known manufacturers of conventional and digital presses, as well as manufacturers of colour management and process control systems. The results of our work can be found in many products and services of modern printing environments.

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